Video Production Package

Let’s Keep it simple...

I am a videographer/Cinematographer

KEEP IN MIND, MY SERVICES CATER TO Projects with a very small budget so please do not try to hyper extend my services to a larger project. I do not work on projects with a total cost over $1,000. My average project is between $200-$500.

Videography session-

Package #1 Details:

(Point and shoot) I will come to your location & film.

(This package includes) (1) Camera person using a true high Definition camera recording in 1080p via free hand shooting style or a stationary tripod, 3 Point lighting is included. ADDITIONAL CAMERAS CAN BE PROVIDED FOR AN ADDITIONAL COST PER HOUR. You must provide all other props.  This package is great for on camera interviews or demonstrations, Small lectures or small weddings. (Chroma-key Green Screen, Black or White, back drops are available upon request)

I will provide editing to such aspects as audio quality enhancements, Cuts, simple color correction & I will also add credits, labels & format video to (MP4, Mpeg-1, Mpeg-2, and AVI, ECT.) ANY MUSIC can be added, but you must own the rights to any music added to your video footage unless it is for private use. (Note) any music not owned by you may be subject to copyright flags if uploaded to YouTube or Facebook, I do however have a list of royalty free music that can be used if you do not have your own music for your project.

Video Package #1 is priced at $50 per hour.

This rate includes the initial production/filming at $50 per hour & will include (2) hours of post-production editing, this (2) hours "includes video rendering time" and downloads from SD cards and project set up. The longer the shoot the longer the downloads, less of this time will apply to actual editing. Additional editing beyond the included (2) hours will be $25 per hour after the initial (2) hours have been used.


If I film something for you and it takes 2 hours, that will be $100 total “for production/filming”.  If I edit for (4) hours You will be charged for the addition (2) hours after the first (2) free hours of editing. Your total cost will be $150.00 for the whole project.


(My guidelines)

I DO NOT FILM EVENTS or lectures LONGER THAN 6 HOURS, I DO NOT film large scale weddings. I WILL however film small weddings of 20 people or less or with a total wedding budget less than $2,000.

(TRAVEL FEE) A travel fee will apply for on location filming. This rate will be $0.50 per mile (out of town) (Note) I am located in Salem New HAMPSHIRE.

CINEMATOGRAPHY: If you need cinematic work done on a budget I can provide that service for the same rate at $50 per hour or we can negotiate a flat rate depending on the project.

All Jobs have a (1) hour minimum. Whether I am there for 5 Minutes or 59 minutes the hourly rate of $50 will apply.

You will still receive (2) hours of free “set up and editing” regardless of the duration of filming.

All dates booked with me will


 of $50 on the day of booking my services to

 “hold the filming date”

which will then be applied to the total cost of the project.

NOTE: This deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE.





CONTACT ME FOR A FREE ESTIMATE FOR YOUR PROJECT. MOST PROJECTS WILL COST YOU LESS THAN $500 and could cost you as little as $50. I cater to people that need quality videography projects done on a low budget such as non-profit, Charity, private events or special interest projects such as science, paranormal, religious and other.




360° Photography & videos


Provided by ( Ayeofthestorme ) Photography

Photography Package #1

Basic Photography Package:

Point & Shoot: Ayeofthestorme will come to your location and photograph People, Landscapes, or Products for $25 per hour.

Package Details: This Package includes (1) Photographer, No in depth editing. Color correction may be provided at the photographer’s discretion.

Copies of the raw images of the person, Landscape, or object will be provided via USB flash drive, SD card, Drop box or Email.

A light box and or backdrop can also be provided upon request.

Note that this package does not include events such as parties, Weddings, Graduations or conferences. 

Note that an additional travel fee of $0.50 per mile will be charged for on location shoots.


Photography Package #2

Enhanced Photography:

Package Details: We will come out to your location and take photos of whatever you’d like.

This package includes (1) photographer, Black, White or Green Screen Chroma key backdrops along with photo editing for enhancements. Subjects may include people, Places, Events and objects. Full editing included. (This Package includes, weddings, graduations, Conferences, & Parties.)

The rate for this package is $50 per hour

Note that an additional travel fee of $0.50 per mile will be charged for on location shoots.



Photography Package #3

Special request package:

You tell us the specifics of what you need and we will come to your locations and coordinate with you.

This package is designed for clients that need photographs of objects, people, and places. We will included specific editing, such as Picasa, Photoshop editing tools. Backdrops & lighting will be provided for the initial shoot and we will provide same day finished media if requested by the client.  

This rate for this package is $30 per hour.

Note that an additional travel fee of $0.50 per mile will be charged for on location shoots.