Marissa Baynes Custom Designed Logos & More

Marissa Baynes Custom Designed Logos & More

Marissa Baynes Custom Designed Logos & More

Hey everyone, Do you need a logo designed? Having trouble finding someone easy to work with that will give you what you want at a reasonable price?

I had that problem too until I met Marissa Baynes. Marissa has a very unique talent working with Photoshop, she attended Hallmark Institute of Photography and has an eye for creating wonderful custom images that will perfectly represent your business or organization.

Her creative abilities have contributed to advertising endeavors for several of my own personal projects and her work has been complemented by many clients, friends and other businesses. 

If you're looking for someone that can take an idea in your head and make it into a reality then she's the go to girl for your creative marketing needs. From business logos to business cards to just about anything you can print or promote, Marissa does it all.


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I've taken down our facebook page

This month I've taken down the starlight grey facebook page, I did this for a few reasons.

1.) I spent 6 years of my life building up a band just to have everyone else think it was someone elses band even though I sacrificed everything just to make it happen.

2.) the people on our friends list were insufferable contrarian fucktards with little common sense and barely any grasp on reality.

3.) The lack of people that truly love music. I got into the music industry to create art not to get drunk and high with people. That's not what I'm about.

So I decided to remove SLG from facebook. The like page still exists and if you want to click like go find it on facebook. Currently I'm working on a documentary series and new music along with building my own production company from the ground up. I have my work cut out for me but it is a labor of love. This time no outside help from people that aren't real artists or who are not committed to the cause. My definition of success is keeping ones self happy while projecting that happiness onto others. So in short, no more SLG facebook and no more fake people.

Here are the new projects

Voice over talent wanted for paranormal documentaries series

Voice over talent wanted for short paranormal documentary web series. Narration of 10-20min short documentaries needed. Female voice talent preferred male voice talent considered. Potential candidates must have unique voice talents and be able to have proper pronunciation whilst maintaining a creepy or eerie tone.

We are not looking for yuppie Target commercial voice overs. Please be unique. We received 100+ emails with individuals that sounded exactly the same on our first try at this. So with that said we got a little more specific in our ad. Thanks for your time.


Contact us via email at  

NEW Songs Coming SOON!!!!!

Hey friend & fans

I have some cool new songs that I'm working on this week and hopefully they will be ready by the end of the week (time permitting) of course.

Its been a busy summer and I'm so happy that I could finally get the site to look the way it does. I would recommend square space to anyone looking for something that pops for a decent price and little to no hassle. 

I'm currently working on putting together some live shows and working with various musicians in order to bring a live performance to the fans very soon. I've had pretty good luck so far with the responses. So we will all see soon enough if everyone makes the cut for this project.

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to visit me on facebook for a like.

Lets not forget SLG

Hey fans,

Just wanted to give a shout out to all the Starlight Grey fans out there showing support for my solo projects. I know many people are asking if Starlight Grey is making a come back and to be honest I'm not sure if that is something that is right for me as of right now. I have a lot of things going on and I'd like to be able to give my 100% to a project, I would also like to see other members of SLG give their 100% attention to the project as well. Unfortunately I do not feel that is something that can be achieved at the moment. I will keep everyone updated on whats going to be happening with that. All I can say for now is the music that you love was created by yours truly. Where ever I am the music will be and where ever the music is the true fans will follow.