Music for real music fans

My music isn't meant to be main stream. Its meant to be what it is "Real". I want you to hear the mistakes and the realness of a live performance no matter what. I've had enough of the phony ass industry standards cookie cutter bullshit the 12 yr old girls listen to because they think a boy is cute.

You've heard the crap on the radio and well here you are the fan looking for something more and here I am a real musician giving it to you. So who needs a record label?

The people with no talent are the ones that need to stuff their music down your throats until you like it. As a kid we shared the same experience with foods that we didn't like. Eventually we either liked them through force or still hate them. The same goes for something you hear on the radio. Eventually if you hear it enough you'll find yourself humming it or thinking it. Its the human condition to search for patterns and repetition as it feeds our inner O.C.D. That's why the industry tries to make things catchy and poppy. Just to sell music to people with brains that are on auto pilot.

My music if for people whos brains are fully on manual. So here's to the thinkers and doers out there. As long as you exist there will be hope in the universe. Shine on my friends shine on, Only the brightest stars will light the way!