About the songs

Sometimes a song is written for a very specific reason. Other times its stumbled upon while jamming out. However, my songs always have a meaning of sorts and just like the infinite universe, What seems to be a random series of events are actually the finished product of well planned endeavors.

Song meanings -

Dead Can Vote - is a song about war, and the fight against an evil tyranny. Basically its a protest song about sending our family off to war to help feed an evil empire while we suffer the losses and foot the bill while someone profits from it. 

One More Time - That song is about my struggle to be a better person and about being recognized for what I have achieved as a person. Its about always having to defend a hypothetical title to fools that think they have the one up on you. Its about always being the bigger person no matter how many people try to tear you down of pull one over on you. In the end you'll always be the last one standing. 

Of Dreams - This one is actually pretty cool and freaky. Its about a lucid dream about a higher consciousness speaking to the sub-conscience self. This dream actually happened to me and I just had to share it with you as a song. This way that they words are sung and the way the music is played is exactly the way it came to me in my dream. Its about awakening to a higher level of consciousness and the conversation between myself and my higher consciousness. Pretty cool huh.

333 -  This one is about, You guessed it. ((Alien abduction)) Its about having something amazing happen to you and wanting to share it with others but for them to realize the level of deep meaning the event has they would need to experience it for themselves.

It ain't over - Yes grammar police I know I was spelling at my own free will. It ain't over is slang for "it is not over". It ain't over is about never giving up on someone or something you love. No matter how hard things get or no matter how many times you have to start over never giving up and never fading away due to influence of others of rumors or lies. KNOWING the situation that you're in regardless of what others say or think about it.

Bad Man - Ever just feel like being creepy or weird without cause? This song is for those people that are considered bad or creepy or evil just because someone doesn't understand them or will not take the time to understand them."

This song says "Hey I'm what you'd consider "bad" but in reality I'm the end result of being misunderstood. It pokes fun at the idea that people are judgmental and like to assume. So this song says go ahead (with a creepy smile and ominous laugh judge me, and ye shall be judged).

Up side - is exactly what is sounds like. Its an upside when its all coming down. Its about finding the positive aspect of a negative situation. Its about saying "hey, its not as bad as it could be". people lie, people judge, people hurt others and throughout it all you are still on top because you never let it get to you. If you can relate then this means you're stronger than you knew.