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SamAntics was created by Samantha Goodheart in January of 2014 as a useful tool for both the young and the old.  It provides tips and tutorials to allow others to create wonderful projects, as well as to inspire others to make something new from the content on the website.  Educational lessons from SamAntics are meant to be entertaining, rather than dull and boring, which helps to engage those who need the lessons the most, but refuse to admit it.  You may find at times what seem to be random facts and findings floating around the website, which is just a way to broaden your knowledge of what else is out there in the world, rather than learning about what you already know.

About Samantha Goodheart

My biggest passion in life is learning and my dream for some time has been to become a teacher.  While certain circumstances prevent me from fulfilling that dream, this website enables me to share my knowledge with the world.  When you have a last name like mine, you have to help others–it’s in the blood.

My interest in learning is not subject to just one area, but almost everything, so you can find information on a broad range of topics within the website.  If I find something to be interesting or amusing, it’s likely that I will be talking about it on the website, and it’s even more likely that others will enjoy it, as well.  Sometimes, however, topics require an extensive amount of research, and I like to pack as much information as I can into the posts so that you’re getting all the facts you need.  This means that it may take longer for content to be posted on the website.  Apparently, being a one-man show has its downsides, but I promise it will be worth it in the end.

If you would like me to feature a certain topic on the website or have any questions about any of the content, I’d be glad to help! 


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