Go Digital Today!

Convert your VHS cassette tapes into Digital copies or DVD's.

Make your precious memories last a lifetime and pass them on to future generations.

Digital Conversion

How does it work?

Lend us a copy of your home video (We promise to handle it with care & return it to you or your money back). We will digitally transfer your VHS video to digital format. From there we will edit out all the blank spots such as static empty space or blue screen. We will edit and condense the video into one seamless masterpiece.

Quality control: We perform a general inspection of the video to make sure that it will play in our system. We will inspect the video for physical defects that could hinder the conversion process. (In rare cases some severely damaged videos might not qualify for the conversion process.) After the video has been thoroughly inspected we then begin the video quality observation which means we will run the video through our digital editing program and adjust any unwanted imperfections in the video prior to the conversion to make sure nothing will effect the quality of the finished project.

The finished product: All videos are converted to digital format. You will be given the option of receiving a copy of your converted video on a USB flash drive or a DVD video.

Prices are as followed:

Digital conversion: (1) VHS cassette up to (1.5 hours) of video $19.99 (Plus $9.99 for the USB drive) for a total of $29.99 - Provide your own USB drive and we will wave the $9.99 USB fee.

Digital conversion transferred to DVD VIDEO: (1) VHS cassette up to (1.5 hours) of video converted & burned onto a quality DVD for only $29.99

We can also provide digital audio enhancements and color grading by special request for a small fee of $19.99 per 1.5 hour of video.

Enhanced audio & video quality for any video $19.99