You the client automatically agree to all the underlying terms & conditions of services when making a verbal or written agreement with any HGP-MEDIA STAFF.




All services are subject to a $50 non-refundable deposit, unless negotiated otherwise in a signed contract. This deposit will be applied to the total cost of any service the client chooses to reserve for a specific agreed upon date.


No services agree upon will become valid without a deposit. All deposits must me made within 48 hours of receiving a deposit invoice via email. If a deposit is not made within 48 hours the agreed upon services will no longer be valid and your scheduled service date will no longer be available. All deposits must be made no later than 1 week prior to the requested service date.


If services are cancelled or rescheduled by the client prior to or on the date of service the client will forfeit the right to a refund of said deposit. A new separate deposit must be made in order to reserve a future service date . The forfeited deposit will not be applied to any future service and a new deposit must be made in order to book a future service date.


No services negotiations will become valid until a deposit has been made by the client. Deposits can be made via Pay-Pal or Cash only. Once a deposit is received via pay-pal or cash the negotiated service date will become valid and your services will be scheduled for the agreed upon date.


In the rare event that Hamilton Grey Productions cannot provide service for a client that has already booked a date and has already paid a deposit we will provide the client with a full refund of the deposit. Hamilton Grey Productions will make our best effort to not let this happen.


A verbal, written, email or text request can be made with an HGP-Media staff member. Once a service date is negotiated you will receive a Pay-Pal Invoice link confirming your service date & requesting a deposit. You will receive this link via email. Please review the date & time on this invoice carefully and if the agreed upon information is valid you can proceed with paying the deposit request. This payment will lock in your service date & time and be applied to the first hour of service provided (See 1 hour Minimum). You will have 48 hours to pay this request otherwise the requested date may no longer be available. If it has been more than 48 hours you may need  check in with HGP-Media staff to inquire if the date is still available & or to make a new request.


A HGP-Media staff member will meet with you in person and cash may be given. A receipt with the service date and time will be given.



Payments "Due on receipt" are usually expected to be paid within 24-48hours of receipt.


A late payment fee of $25 will be applied and a new invoice will be sent out (3) days thereafter a "pay on receipt" payment has been deemed late. Any payment made after said due date may be subject to a late fee. All payments not received within 14 business days will receive late fees and be placed into collections.


A $0.50 per mile (Portal-to-Portal) travel fee is required for all out of town services. (We are located in Salem NH) anywhere else is considered out of town.


Larger projects  will require a written contract prior to services.Before Hamilton Grey Productions can provide services a contract must be signed and agreed upon and a deposit must be made prior to the date of service. NO CONTRACTS SHALL BE VALID WITHOUT A DEPOSIT.


(NO HARD COPIES OF MEDIA WILL BE PROVIDED) This means NO DVDs or CDs. Only digital copies of your media will be provided via flash drive USB, SD card, Drop box services or Email. No hard prints of photographs will be provided.


The terms of service are based upon each shoot. Each shoot negotiation will be based on the abilities of Hamilton Grey Production and the needs of our clients. In the event that the client may request further services that go beyond the capabilities of Hamilton Grey Productions, we reserves the right to charge additional fees for services rendered but not provided in our verbal or written agreement of services. Client expectations may vary based upon on the varying projects, production results may vary as well based on equipment and the staff of Hamilton Grey Productions/ HGPMEDIA & also upon the condition request to produce a production in.

Quality of Service:

At Hamilton Grey Productions we provide high quality media at low budget prices, however the quality may vary upon requests made by the client as we provide services for clients with small budgets. In order to keep our cost low we may use some equipment that might not meet the industry standard for some projects. However we may also use equipment that goes far beyond the standard for some projects. 

Our sources:

Hamilton Grey Productions will do our personal best to provide the client with the media they request. In the rare event that a client makes a request that Hamilton Grey Productions may not have the capability of meeting we may outsource a project to a company or individual that can meet the client’s needs "This means the client will be responsible for the extra cost involved". If this happens the client will be responsible for any expenses incurred by these outside services and the client will be notified of this taking place and they will have the right to agree to the outsourced services or decline these services. A separate contract may be issued for this case.   

Specifics of service & contracts:

Hamilton Grey Productions will provide services exactly as specified in our verbal or written agreements. Any services required by our clients that are not specified in a contract will be subject to an agreed upon additional fee and enforced by a new contract or an extension of an existing contract. Note that not all requests from our clients can be met but HGP MEDIA will make our best efforts to provide our clients with the best services that we are capable of providing. 

Any signed contract regarding services provided by Hamilton Grey Productions will be subject to the limitations of HGP MEDIA. www.hgpmedia.com If for any reason the client feels that they did not get what they wanted or has changed their mind after the services have begun, the client will be fully bound to comply with these terms & conditions of service along with the services of their signed contract if modified or unmodified. NO REFUNDS WILL BE MADE FOR (PRODUCTION SERVICES THAT HAVE ALREADY TAKEN PLACE) NO EXCEPTIONS.   

In the signed contract you will be asked if you have read the terms & conditions of services when acquiring services from Hamilton Grey Productions. You automatically agree to ALL the terms and conditions on our website when contacting us via the www.hgpmedia.com website or signing our contract or speaking with Jonathan Grey from HGPMEDIA. When you sign any contract regarding services from Hamilton Grey Productions you will automatically be bound to these terms and conditions as they are clearly posted on our website www.hgpmedia.com when filling out any form on our page.  Terms of service are subject to change, However if the client request services through www.hgpmedia.com there will be a terms & conditions box available to be checked upon contacting HGPMEDIA/Hamilton Grey Productions thought this website.

By contacting us via this website the client will automatically agrees to these terms & conditions,


Hamilton Grey Productions is not responsible for any accidental damage to a filming location, personal property of a client, injury or death of a client or a film subject, client or clients property.

You the written or verbally agreed client requesting services will be responsible for replacement of any damaged equipment owned by HGPMEDIA/Hamilton Grey Productions if the equipment was damaged during filming or if someone involved in your project accidentally or purposely damages or steals any equipment belonging to HGPMEDIA/Hamilton Grey Productions.


Hamilton Grey Productions uses royalty free music upon the request of our client however it is the clients responsibility to gather copyright permission if required by law for a specific musical piece, Creative Commons license, or other permissions may come into play, Hamilton Grey Productions is not responsible for any of this process. We provide a link to the most well known royalty free music websites on our website and suggest choosing a piece from that particular website if you are unsure of the permissions you'll need.

Hamilton Grey Productions can compose original music for your video, Radio commercial or narration needs. We also provide voice over acting for eBooks and Narration for other projects. Once you purchase and pay for audio created and customized for your needs from Hamilton Grey Productions, you (the client) will be the sole owner of said custom music, narration etc. No exceptions period.

If in certain situations music or video is provided to you (the client) for free, you the client will have limited permission to use this footage, music, narration etc. However Hamilton Grey Productions will own the full rights to this footage, music, narration etc and may refuse permission of continued use by the client, person or persons, that were previously allowed to use said footage, music, narration without payment at anytime. Notice of termination of continuation of use or a cease and desist will be provided to this individual in possession of or using said material. This can happen in rare cases when royalty free footage, music etc rights are purchased from Hamilton Grey Productions by a paying client. Its best to pay for all footage, music, narration etc in advance and to have a signed contract with Hamilton Grey Productions/ HGP MEDIA.


Upon requesting ANY service from Hamilton Grey Productions on this website, you the client automatically agree to all the terms and conditions listed above and will be legally bound by these terms & conditions by Hamilton Grey Productions. Once a client contacts Hamilton Grey Productions/HGPMEDIA through this website it will be assumed that said clients has read, understood & agreed to the terms & conditions listed above. These terms are clearly stated and accessible for all guests visiting this site. Hamilton Grey Productions reserves the right to break any contract, arrangement or agreement with any client at anytime. Hamilton Grey Productions has the right to deny services to any individual/client prior to or after any contract has been signed without explanation. Hamilton Grey Productions is not legally obligated to provide services that go outside of any agreed upon contact nor is Hamilton Grey Production required to fulfill any signed contact without a deposit. Hamilton Grey Productions can terminate any part of any contract at anytime. All contracts, agreed upon services and or negotiated services are subject to the will of Hamilton Grey Productions. You the client understand and agree to abide by the terms and conditions on this website and understand that these terms and conditions are in place so that Hamilton Grey Productions can receive payment for any and all services provided to any client that has requested services rather complete or incomplete. If the client is not 100% satisfied with any services provided by Hamilton Grey Productions the client will still be responsible for abiding to the contact provided by Hamilton Grey Productions and the terms and conditions stated here. These terms and conditions are subject to change at anytime, Sales, coupons, and any discounted services are subject to change at anytime without notice via will of Hamilton Grey Productions. prices for packages for audio, Video, Digitalization and 360 Photo and video services are subject to change by the will of Hamilton Grey Productions at anytime without notice. 

Once services have been provided by any member of HGPMEDIA/Hamilton Grey Productions, regardless of signed contract, said client will be 100% responsible for payment of received services whether hourly or flat rate have been specified. Hourly rates will apply to this condition. You the client agree to pay for services whether verbal or written agreements have taken place. All agreements are binding as it is assumed that the client has taken the time to read, understand and agree to these terms and conditions via the website or verbal interaction with HGPMEDIA/Hamilton Grey Productions staff. No services will start without this condition being in play.


Minimum hourly rate is $50 per hour. This rate is a full rate and is not modifiable by minutes or seconds.  All Jobs have a (1) hour minimum. Whether services are provided for 5 Minutes or 59 minutes the full hourly rate of $50 will apply. Rates after the first hour will be charged by quarter hours or intervals of 15 minutes regardless if services are provided for 1 hour and 5 mins you will be charged for 1 quarter hour as soon as 1 min has passed the second hour. If the rate is $50 per hour and you have be provided services for 1 hour and 1 minute you will be charged for the quarter hour. Quarter hours are at a rater of $12.50 per quarter hour.  


If a shoot is based on location and HGP-MEDIA Staff shows up to said location and the client decides to cancel the shoot at that time, you the client will be responsible for the Portal-to-portal travel fee of $0.50 per mile and the minimum service fee for 1 hour of service which is $50. That means you will pay the Portal-to-Portal fee plus 1 hour of time.   The break down is simple. If we drive 50 miles round trip you will pay $25 for the portal to portal fee and then a fee of $50 which is the 1 hour minimum service fee for a total of $75.00.